Friday, October 9, 2009


How to make fire starters for family camping.  The last two posts on fire starters have been geared toward survival or emergency fire starting.  In this post I will go over egg carton fire starters.  These are perfect for family camping and a fool proof way to get a fire going.  So first, what you'll need.

1.  A paper egg carton (styrofoam doesn't wick properly and just melts)
2.  Molten wax (I covered melting wax in part 1 if you missed it)
3.  Shreded newspaper and/or dryer lint

This is another pretty easy fire starter.  You'll want to put your newspaper or lint inside of the cups in the egg carton (where the eggs were).  I used newspaper for these so I tried to crumble the pieces up a little before putting them in. 

Once you have the newspaper or dryer lint packed in you'll need to pour wax into each of the firestarters.  It doesn't take a lot.  Here is a close up so you can get an idea of how much to use.

Make sure when you are pouring your wax that you have something under the egg carton in case there are any leaks.  I just put it over a cardboard box to catch any wax drippings.  When that is finished let the wax cool and harden.  You are finished!  Cut them all apart and use one or two to start a fire on your next family outing.  These burn for around 6-10 minutes for me usually.  As with the char cloth I will be loading a video of these burning within the next few weeks when I can get out of the city.  ENJOY!

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