Friday, December 4, 2009


How to break in a new pair of hiking boots.
It may not cross your mind but anyone who has ever made the mistake of wearing new boots on a long hike will tell you it's important.  You don't want to get up on the side of a mountain and have your feet hurt or covered in blisters.  It may not be so bad at first but it can quickly ruin an otherwise perfect hike.  Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your feet will survive in your new boots.   It will take some time but it will be worth it.

1.  Make sure your new boots fit BEFORE you buy them!  This may seem obvious but it is important that your boots fit well.  Many outfitters will even have a ramp in the shoe area so you can walk up and down to see how much your feet slide around inside the boot.  You want them to be comfortable with the laces snug.

2.  Wear your new boots around the house and also while you're doing your chores or running errands.  Basically just wear them casually for a while until your feet get used to them and they get used to your feet.  If after a week or two they are hurting your feet then I would take them back and get a different type of boot.

3.  After you've worn them in a bit you can take them on some short hikes.  Stick to easy trails and day hikes. 

4.  Now just keep increasing the length and difficulty of your hikes slowly over time.  You can also start wearing your pack and start adding weight while you do this.  If all goes well you're boots will be broken in quickly enough.   If they continue to hurt your feet GET NEW BOOTS!!  It's not worth damaging your feet and hiking in pain!

Good luck and I hope you don't have to use too much moleskin :) .

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