Sunday, June 6, 2010

An Appalachian Tale: Part 7

11 May 2010

Yin:  What a day!  Everything a rest day should consist of!  Yang and I slept in until about nine or so.  Then, we took a morning stroll for about a mile to the closest McDonald's for breakfast.  It was awesome!  After that, we went to the general store for forks (to replace our chopsticks which replaces our sporks) and some ice cream.  After that, we went past a pawn shop we saw earlier on our walk and Yang bought a new harp and I played an acoustic Gibson.  They also had an electric Hondo, bet she had seen better days.  On our way back to the hotel, we stopped past a local store named "Bacchus".  It ended up being an intricate wine shop/good import beer store.  After some good conversation with owner we were off again, this time with two bottles of wine and one import beer each.  I got a dark lager named "Hob Goblin".  It was very good.  Shortly thereafter, we found ourselves in the Inn again and are about to wrap up our off day with some wine.  Yep, smells good, a nice dark Merlot. 

Yang:  Woo hoo!  What a good day!  We started off with a McDonald's breakfast which was pretty awesome.  After that, we found our way to a Bob's or Steve's or some random name's general store and picked up a couple forks (heavy!) and a one pound brick of fudge.  We then hit up a pawn shop and messed with some guitars and I picked up an F harp.  From there, we found a really neat wine shop.  The woman/owner working there was sort of a hippie and was really awesome.  She knew a lot about the different wines and import beers she carried.  Yin got a bottle of "Hob Goblin" and I got a bottle of "1554".  We also picked up two bottles of very decent wine.  We're back at the Inn now watching South Park and Tosh.0.  The beer is gone.  Looks like a bottle of Merlot is being poured... g'night!

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