Monday, June 7, 2010

An Appalachian Tale: Part 8

12 May 2010

Yin:  So here we are this morning with splitting headaches.  Good thing we decided to hang out another day, because my body couldn't handle the trail in this state!  Today's goal was trying to do a small section of trail (about three miles) late this afternoon.  However, nothing quite went according to plan as the only shuttle service, that could take us to our next desired entry point, was booked for the rest of the day.  I wasn't looking forward to paying for another nights stay, but we have no choice.  We set up our shuttle ride for 8am and decided to grab a quick lunch.  Upon returning to the Hiawassee Inn, I ran into Renee who just walked in off the trail.  We decided to let her stay with us for the night to spare her the cost of a room (she's a through-hiker and has a LONG way to go!).

Yang:  Well... It's probably a good thing we couldn't get a shuttle today.  We definably destroyed both bottles of wine last night.  It was a lot of fun though!  We did manage to schedule a shuttle ride for tomorrow though.  YAY!  We went down the road for a hangover brunch.  I had a very tasty omelet.  When we payed for our meal the woman behind the counter, after finding out we were hikers, told us to "hold on" as she dashed to the back of the restaurant.  When she came back to the counter she said "you boys need these" as she handed us two very large peanut butter cookies!  Pretty cool town!  A while later (back at the inn) Yin came back with Renee.  Pretty cool surprise!  She's trying to get up to trail days in Damascus, VA right now so she can catch up with the rest of the through-hikers.  Looks like she's going to stay with us tonight.  Now I think we may go find some supper and probably call it an early night.  Looking forward to getting back on the trail in the morning.

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